Newspaper Shutting Down Their Presses?

In Uncategorized on November 27, 2010 by JP League


            There is an ongoing debate on whether or not newspapers should still be printing a product.

            The argument for newspapers is they are a thing of the past and are obsolete. James Moore wrote in the CQ Researcher, “Newspapers have lost their place in our culture. A few are clinging to life, but they are only dinosaurs too blind and dumb to find a tar pit to stumble into and die.”

            Newspapers are having trouble making a profit and many are going out of business. In 2009, Tom Price wrote in the CQ Researcher, “Thirty-three newspapers — including the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune and Philadelphia Inquirer — sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection from December through February.”

            The internet is taking most of the newspapers readership.

            Some argue that newspapers should still print because most people do not have a computer. Price wrote: “There was once a time when a lot of people didn’t have telephones or televisions either. Those devices are now ubiquitous, and computers can also be publicly accessed just as easily.”

            John Strum argues in the CQ Researcher: “Those who point to a recent string of bankruptcies and a few shifts to Web-only publication as the end for print are rushing to some shaky conclusions”

            Strum believes newspapers will merge with online to create a more better medium. He wrote: “The future is not print or online. It is both, creating a combined digital and print platform that makes newspapers the most efficient medium — and media buy — in any given market.”

            Newspapers are a very large medium and have a strong core. Strum wrote: “One mistake is to focus on the decline while ignoring the base audience. Every day, 105 million adults read the print product. …If a new medium had more than 100 million loyal, daily users we would be calling it the face of a new age of communication.”

             Some also think Newspapers are in decline because of the loss of revenues. Strum wrote: “Newspapers have a recession problem — the same recession that incinerated trillions of dollars in global equity and shut the doors of a growing list of well-known companies.”


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