Twitter as a News Source

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2010 by JP League

            The micro-blogging service Twitter is more and more emerging as a news source. Mark Suster writes in his blog, “Twitter is as a way to get the news from the same sources you already get on the Internet or in print.” There are several reasons that one might use Twitter rather than getting the news the traditional way.

            One reason is aggregation. Suster writes, “It would be a pain for me to constantly remember to visit all of these sites on a regular basis.” Twitter eases his reading load and allows him to see what stories he wants to read. Suster writes: “(Twitter) is also a “push” news source and by definition it is only the headline (since you can only use 140 characters). But Twitter is both “real time” and is “distributed” so that I can read it on most any device, any time I want.” This allows the news sources to come to the user. Suster writes, “So when a breaking news story hits and if it is one that the NY Times is reporting on I will get it pushed to my Twitter feed.”

            Twitter has allowed for reporting stories easier. Jake Coyle writes in the Huffington Post: “Twitter has led some to think the press is in love with the 3-year-old micro-blogging service. But it’s a jealous love.” Twitter is now stealing some of the stories that other media would have had before it creation. Coyle writes: “Twitter’s constantly updating record of up-to-the-minute reaction has in some instances threatened to usurp media coverage of breaking news. It has also helped many celebrities, athletes and politicians bypass the media to get their message directly to their audience.”

It has also helped media outlets. Coyle writes, “It’s one more way a story might go viral and it’s arguably the best way for a news outlet to get closer to its readership.” It also helps drive readers to the media sites. Coyle writes, “Most outlets now have a presence on Twitter with a feed directing readers to their respective websites.” Twitter is revolutionizing the way news is run and is allowing for news to grow online and offline.


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