Newspapers and Bloggers

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            Jeff Bercovici wrote in his column that the internet has surpassed newspapers as a source of news for Americans. He writes, “According to the latest survey conducted by the Pew Research Center, 34 percent of those polled said they had gone online for news the previous day, while 31 percent said they had read a newspaper.” This shows the growing trend of people putting down newspapers for the laptop. This means that newspapers must change their current format and adapt if they want to survive.

            A way that newspapers are looking to stay relevant is by going online. Lauren Fisher explained in an article several ways for newspapers to integrate to the web. One example was for newspapers to only publish on the weekend. She writes, “I get everything online and consume my news daily on there but there’s something to be said for the morning paper with a pot of coffee that you just can’t replicate with a laptop, eBook reader, or whatever is your device of choice.” This allows for the old model of printing a newspaper to remain but also allows for the online newspaper to flourish.  She continues by writing, “Just like DVDs will never kill off the cinema experience, I think the weekend paper will always be a revenue stream for publishers.”

            Bercovici writes, “Newspapers may be losing audience share, but Americans are nevertheless consuming more news overall.” This means that readers are consuming more information on blogs that on online newspapers. While newspapers have been using blogs on their websites, Fisher thinks that this, “has yet reached its full potential.”  She wants newspapers to use bloggers from different geographical locations to increase the amount and the depth of local stories. She states, “I think there’s a huge opportunity for newspapers to establish a network of bloggers in different regions around the country to provide news real-time and get a genuine local perspective.”  This will allow for a large amount of news that would otherwise go uncovered to be reported on. She writes, “The huge amount of local news content is evident out there on blogs and social networks, but online newspapers have the advantage of being able to bring this all under one umbrella.” This would allow for the co-existence of the blogger and the journalist. She writes, “Bloggers have immediate access and means to get the content needed around the news, and journalists are in a position where they can get this content into a story, combine it with other sources and get it published.”

            The number of people reading newspapers is decreasing while the number of people going online for news is increasing. Newspapers need to tap into the growing market of online readers. Bercovici writes, “Overall, survey takers reported spending 70 minutes a day with the news, up 3 percent from 2008.” The demand for news is increasing but the method of delivery is changing.


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